Episode 12: Spencer Cornelia on Legal Battles & Real Estate Challenges: Insights from a Top YouTube Influencer

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This episode is an absolute treat. I'm sitting down with the one and only Spencer Cornelia, the YouTuber who's made a name for himself by calling out fake gurus.

Spencer takes us behind the scenes of his YouTube life, from his daily grind making videos to the nitty-gritty of his research process and the hefty challenges that come with his unique niche – think lawsuits and backlash. But it’s not all serious business; Spencer's got a wicked sense of humor and a taste for pizza that rivals his appetite for truth.

Spencer also gives us the lowdown on his future plans, which include expanding his real estate investing. But it's not just about buying properties; he's got a strategy that's as unconventional as his YouTube channel. And let's not forget the mental and financial strains of his ongoing legal battles – this guy's journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster.

Spencer is nice on the exterior, but a bad boy deep down. He's got a soft spot for evicting tenants who dare play country music and a knack for delivering blistering critiques on NFT investors. Self-described as '16 standard deviations above average,' Spencer juggles his time between researching social media clowns, hitting the gym, driving cars that most can only dream of and he enjoys DM'ing only fans girls asking how much money they make.

He's a real estate aficionado with four properties in Vegas, dabbling in room rentals and Airbnb. And while he's keen on expanding his real estate portfolio, he's not one to shy away from making those lowball offers.

Key Takeaways:
Spencer spends a significant amount of time researching subjects for his videos and finding different angles to tell a story.
He prefers topics that have a lot of media coverage or are easy to find information on, as it makes for a more engaging video.
Spencer considers himself an influencer when he realized he was making a real impact, both positively and negatively, through his content.
He has faced challenges and limiting beliefs when it comes to selling products or services, but he is working on overcoming them and finding the right path for his future.

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