Episode 13: Extreme Money-Saving Tactics w/ Martin Mei & Kevin Yee: Exploring Unconventional & (Un)Ethical Hacks

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This episode is all about walking that fine line between frugality and, well, let’s say 'creative' money-saving hacks. I'm joined by two awesome guests, Martin Mei and Kevin Yee, who aren't afraid to push the envelope when it comes to saving cash.

We dive into some pretty unconventional tactics, like the art of returning items to Costco and playing the credit card perks game. But hey, it's not all about the cheeky savings! We also get serious about the importance of aligning financial values with your partner and how our relationships with money evolve over time.

Martin and Kevin share their unique perspectives on balancing frugality with investing in life’s experiences and education. And let’s not forget about weddings – those big days that can take a huge bite out of your wallet. We're dishing out some savvy tips to cut down those wedding bills without skimping on the celebration.

Martin Mei is a real estate wizard with a knack for turning properties into profits. With a bachelor’s degree in commerce and additional studies in AI and Business Strategy, Martin's no stranger to the world of high-stakes investing. His journey in real estate is nothing short of impressive, from mastering the BRRRR strategy to managing a 7-figure wholesaling business and a portfolio of 38 doors worth $6.5M. Now, he's setting his sights on class A self-storage assets with the Meily Investment Group.

Kevin Yee, the PharmD who traded prescriptions for digital strategies, is a YouTuber and high-ticket sales advisor. He’s all about helping pros sell their high-ticket offers with class, not cringe. Kevin's also a 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who’s mastered the art of making friends and building a life that kicks ass, all while sharing his journey with the world.

Key Takeaways:
Frugality is about being intentional with how you spend your money and resources.
Finding a balance between being cheap and being frugal is important.
Credit card perks can help save money on purchases and protect investments.
Being intentional with spending and investing in education and experiences can lead to long-term fulfillment.

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