Episode 18: CPA Insights: Matt Bontrager on Smart Budgeting, Assets & Time Management

Hey Fit & Frugal Tribe!

I'm diving into a fantastic conversation with Matt Bontrager, a CPA who's not just crunching numbers but also changing lives.

Join us as Matt opens up about his incredible journey, scaling his CPA firm from a humble $120,000 in its first year to an astounding $2.6 million in just three years. He's got the secret sauce to financial growth, and guess what?

It's not as complicated as you might think. Matt breaks down the essentials of budgeting, tracking expenses, and the smart habit of investing in assets that grow in value over time.

But it's not all finance and figures; Matt, a proud father of three also dives into the art of balancing a thriving business with a bustling family life. He shares his tips on being ruthlessly efficient with time and prioritizing tasks that truly move the needle. Plus, he's got some great advice on communication and leadership – skills that are crucial in any business setting.

Matt's story is more than just a tale of financial success; it's about being candid in your interactions, focusing on providing real value, and above all, being a well-rounded individual. Balancing the various aspects of life isn't easy, but Matt shows us how it's done.

As the Managing Partner of TrueBooks, Matt's expertise lies in helping real estate investors, high net worth individuals, and small businesses minimize their tax bills through strategic planning. An investor himself, Matt prefers long-term single-family rentals and multi-family syndications, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge to his clients.

So, whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a finance enthusiast, or someone just looking to get their money matters in order, you won't want to miss this episode. Let's get ready to dive deep with Matt and uncover the secrets to financial savvy and life balance!

Key Takeaways:
Efficient time management is crucial for balancing work and family life.
Wealthy individuals focus on buying assets that appreciate in value.
Budgeting and tracking expenses are essential for financial success.

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