Episode 19: Kevin Duboe Talks Fitness & Growth: Discipline Beyond the Gym

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In this episode, I'm thrilled to sit down with Kevin Duboe, a mortgage lender and fitness aficionado. Originally hailing from Argentina, Kevin's journey to the U.S. is a story of embracing opportunities and diving headfirst into the world of sports, competition, and entrepreneurship.

We dive deep into how fitness has been a cornerstone in Kevin's personal development. He shares the tough choices he's made, like walking away from old friends to align with people who truly lift him up. Kevin opens up about his decision-making process and how self-awareness has played a massive role in his growth.

But it's not all serious talk – Kevin brings in some amazing insights into the importance of daily habits and routines in not just building muscle but also self-confidence and trust. He makes a compelling case for investing in yourself, both in the gym and your finances, to carve out a life that's not only successful but deeply satisfying.

Kevin's story is a testament to change – from a young immigrant finding his feet in a new country to a successful real estate entrepreneur. His discipline and thirst for personal development are truly inspiring. Whether he's skydiving, flying planes, or closing loans, Kevin's all about living life to the fullest.

Kevin's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Arriving in the U.S. from Argentina, he quickly embraced sports and competition. Although he started in college unsure of his path, real estate called out to him, leading him to leave college at 19 and dive into this dynamic field. After several successful years as a realtor and now a respected loan officer, Kevin’s passion for real estate continues to grow.

A true believer in discipline and personal development, Kevin lives a life full of health, adrenaline, and adventure. He’s now channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into a new venture in real estate wholesaling, aiming to serve and inspire others in the industry he loves.

Key Takeaways:
Fitness is a great starting point for personal development and can build momentum for growth in other areas of life.
Making decisions and cutting off certain things in life is necessary for personal transformation.
Daily habits and routines are essential for building self-confidence and trust.
Investing in mentors and coaches can fast-track personal growth and development.
Self-awareness and self-reflection are crucial for identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

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