Episode 2: Sobriety & Success: Nelson Lin on Real Estate Investment, Mental Wellness & Healthy Relationships

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In this wholesome episode, Nelson and I dive deep into our personal experiences of giving up alcohol and the profound transformation it has brought to our lives. We get real about the mental health challenges linked with alcohol, the societal pressures that often encourage drinking, and our experiences in social settings.

Nelson, with his deep understanding of real estate, offers valuable insights into the risks associated with various investments and the dynamics of the real estate market. Our discussion then turns to the critical importance of forging authentic relationships and the art of delivering genuine value in both personal and professional realms.

Nelson shares his perspective on relationships and the qualities he looks for in a partner. He emphasizes the importance of core values, open-mindedness, and humor in a successful relationship. Nelson also discusses his future goals, including his desire to make a difference in the green tech and affordable housing space.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain perspective on making life-altering choices, loves a good belly laugh (you'll see) and want to understand the deeper aspects of relationships and success.

Nelson Lin runs the group “Subtle Asian Real Estate,” which gathers thousands of investors for community-building and free education. His focus on trust-building and partnership among immigrant families and their children is pivotal in his approach to wealth creation through real estate.

Nelson’s expertise spans commercial real estate and apartment investments, with a keen interest in tackling workforce and affordable housing projects. With investments in over 3000 multifamily units and a growing portfolio of managed properties, his real estate acumen is well-established.

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He also owns and operates SoupLeaf Hot Pot in Austin, Texas – a testament to his diverse entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Takeaways:
Prioritize finding a partner who is open-minded, comfortable being themselves, and willing to work on personal growth.
Humor and the ability to laugh together are crucial aspects of a successful relationship.
Financial compatibility and shared goals are important for long-term compatibility.
Nelson's future goals include making a positive impact in the green tech and affordable housing space.

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