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Episode 20: Jon Orlando: Mastering Poker Psychology, Emotions & Key Life Lessons

Hey Fit & Frugal Tribe!

In today's (long) & heartwarming episode, I get to sit down with the incredible Jon Orlando and explore the electrifying world of high-stakes poker tournaments and unravel how it's a serious game of skill and mental agility, not just luck.

We dissect the subtle art of emotional regulation and Jon gets candid about his personal journey, sharing an emotional story about caring for a parent with dementia. We're tackling personal fears head-on, reflecting on our evolving communication styles, personal struggles and our individual paths of growth. We're also talking about achieving virality and making an impact, even for those not in the limelight.

But it's not all heavy; Jon brings his background in stand-up comedy to the table, we explore the importance of taking risks and asking for what you want in life, and not to forget, the true essence of money, discussing how selflessness and kindness are essential in our journey to empowerment.

Jon Orlando isn't just a voice in the podcasting world; he's a character with a unique sense of humor and a dynamic personality. As the host of Action Junkeez and the visionary behind the Podcast Junkeez expansion, World Series of Poker player, and entrepreneur, Jon brings a wealth of experience and authenticity and a whole lot of energy to each episode and in each of his relationship in real life.

Buckle up as Jon Orlando and I unravel the complexities of life, from the poker table to personal empowerment. It's a conversation that's sure to resonate with anyone seeking to grow, change, and live life to its fullest!

Key Takeaways:
Women often face unique challenges in society and need support to overcome them.
Financial literacy and independence are crucial for women to have control over their own lives.
Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and shared values.
Taking chances and embracing new experiences can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.

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