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Episode 7: Empowering Financial Freedom & Sustaining Health: Tanner Frigaard on Breaking the Wellness Cycle

Hey Fit & Frugal Tribe!

Today I'm thrilled to bring you a conversation with the insightful Tanner Frigaard. Tanner isn't just a financial expert; he's a passionate advocate for financial literacy.

In our chat, Tanner highlights the crucial role of financial education in our lives. He explains how understanding basic financial concepts isn't just about money management – it's about creating a healthier, stress-free life. 

Tanner and I delve into the X curve concept, discussing how many of us get trapped in a cycle of high expenses and low income.

But that's not all – we're also talking about the direct connection between financial health and physical health. Tanner points out how unhealthy financial habits can lead to stress and impact our well-being. He shares insights from his book, aimed at simplifying finance and guiding readers towards achieving their goals.

Tanner Frigaard has an impressive 8-year track record as a financial consultant, specializing in advising small to medium-sized businesses. He’s not just about numbers; Tanner is deeply committed to community service. He's a regular volunteer for housing projects in Mexico and actively supports charitable causes in Las Vegas.

On top of his professional and philanthropic pursuits, Tanner serves on the board of a non-profit focused on mental health, ensuring young people have access to the support they need. His blend of financial expertise, community involvement, and mental health advocacy defines his mission to create lasting positive impacts.

Key Takeaways:
Financial literacy is crucial for making informed decisions about money and improving financial well-being.
The connection between physical and financial health is significant, and positive changes in one area can positively impact the other.
Building healthy financial habits requires simplicity, discipline, and a long-term perspective.
Prioritizing saving and investing for the future is essential, even during challenging times.
The journey to financial well-being involves learning from past mistakes and sharing knowledge with others.

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