Real Talk with Tawni
Shortcut to Financial Freedom

Is it Amazon Dropshipping or FBA? YouTube Automation? Day Trading? Or maybe it’s about taking that wild leap from your 9-5 into the thrilling abyss of entrepreneurship?


Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s cut through the noise. If you’ve been lured into believing in overnight success or get-rich-quick fantasies, it’s time for a reality check.

There are no express lanes on the road to financial freedom.

So, what really is financial freedom? Sure, it’s about having enough passive income to cover your living expenses. But it’s more than that. It’s the liberation of not being a slave to your paycheck and the peace of not losing sleep over your bank balance. We’ll unpack financial independence in another chat, but for now, let’s get our hands dirty with the real, sometimes ugly, roadmap to wealth creation:

  1. Cut Back on Spending: Yes, it sounds like a buzzkill. Who wants to scrimp and save? But this step is crucial. Understand your expenses and liabilities like you’re studying for the finals.
  2. Eliminate ‘Bad’ Debt: Those high-interest consumer debts? They’re like anchors dragging you down. Time to cut them loose.
  3. Generate More Income: Your current income and side hustle might not cut it. You need more fuel for your financial engine.
  4. Embrace ‘Good’ Debt: Not all debts are villains. Some, like cashflow-producing assets, are the heroes in your wealth story.
  5. Avoid Lifestyle Inflation: This sneaky trap is like adding extra weight just as you’re learning to fly. Keep your lifestyle costs grounded.

Many get stuck in the first three steps. Why? Because living frugally (#1) isn’t glamorous. Plus, they’re blinded by their lifestyle expenses (#2 and #3). Step #4 becomes viable only when you’ve got a handle on your lifestyle costs, and your ‘bad’ debt is under control.

The Secret Sauce? It’s maintaining a low-cost lifestyle while getting really good at making more money. That’s where you start growing and multiplying your wealth.

Remember, there’s a world of difference between being broke and being poor. Being poor is a temporary state; being broke is a mindset. It’s not about what’s in your bank; it’s about your attitude. There are plenty of people with money who are still, spiritually speaking, broke.

Mindset, ah! That’s a gem we’ll polish in another post.

So, where do you stand in your journey to wealth? Be brutally honest. That’s your starting line.

Catch you in the next post, “Let’s Start Here” where we begin this adventure.

Here’s to being rich in your wallet and your spirit!


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